THe project


The Civic Sinoburbia Project is a social research project that will engage with local communities and policy makers across the three case study sites.

The project will run from 2020 to 2024 and is conducted by researchers from Western Sydney University and the University of Technology Sydney. It is funded by the Australian Research Council (DP200102072).

The project examines how new Chinese migrants participate in civic and cultural life in three Sydney suburbs that have different demographic profiles and different histories of migrant settlement and urban development – Eastwood, Hurstville and Zetland.  




The project focuses on five domains in everyday local civic life: education, culture, sports, religion and community services.

It looks at the opportunities and barriers for new Chinese migrants to participate in everyday civic activities, and examines how local organisations across these domains (such as schools, libraries, sporting clubs, churches and community centres) are adapting to and being transformed by the growing presence and participation of new Chinese migrants in the area. The findings from this project will generate new knowledge on the local impacts of new Chinese migrants, which can help inform multicultural policies and enhance local community cohesion.

The timeline


Phase One of the project involves a survey of residents in the three suburbs about their participation in civic and community activities across the five domains.


Phase Two involves household interviews with Chinese residents in the three suburbs about their experiences, the local activities they participate in, and whether they face any barriers to local participation. 


Phase Three involves site observations and key informant interviews at community organisations and local public venues.