Zetland is an inner-city suburb about 4km from Sydney’s CBD. It is within the Green Square and City South village area in the City of Sydney LGA, with a population of 10,078 people.

Zetland was originally an industrial area. The suburb has undergone massive gentrification in the past decade. From 2007 to 2017, the residential space in Green Square and City South village area has surged by almost 90%, while industrial space has dropped 57% (City of Sydney, 2020). The village area now has the largest housing stock within the City of Sydney LGA. 91% of all private dwellings in Zetland are flats or apartments.


  • Yudi Gunyi School
  • Green Square Library
  • Gunyama Park Aquatic and Recreation Centre
  • Joynton Avenue Creative Centre
  • May space
  • aMBUSH Gallery


In the 2016 Census, Zetland was ranked 6th of all suburbs in NSW in terms of the highest population with Chinese ancestry at 41%. 31% of the population in Zetland was born in China, this percentage is higher than those who were born in Australia (29%). 30% of Zetland residents speak Mandarin at home.

Zetland is a relatively ‘young’ suburb, with the median age of residents 28 years old. While over half of all households in Zetland are family households, the suburb has a relatively large proportion of single (25%) and share (22%) households. The average household size in Zetland is quite small (2.2 people) and 61% of the families in Zetland have no children. 43% of the residents have a university degree and over half are professionals or managers. However, the majority of Zetland residents are renters, rather than home-owners – 62%. 


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The school closest to Zetland is Yudi Gunyi School . In view of the growing population in the area, a new school with a capacity for 600 students is planned on the former South Sydney Hospital site at Joynton Avenue.

Culture & Events

 New cultural facilities, such as Joynton Avenue Creative Centre  (on Joynton Avenue and Portman Street) and Green Square library were opened in 2018. A number of art galleries such as May Space Gallery  ,  aMBUSH Gallery can be found around the area.

Sports & Recreation 

New aquatic and recreation centre, Gunyama Park Aquatic and Recreation Centre, is currently under construction and is expected to be completed in late 2020. 




Places of Worship

Half of the residents of Zetland reporting having no religion. Nevertheless, several churches can be founded in the Zetland/Waterloo area. Reach Sydney Church /Sydney Pentecostal Church gathers weekly at Green Square Community Hall in Joynton Avenue. New churches such as one1seven Church  and Grace City Church have been founded in Green Square. Hillsong Church has a Waterloo campus offering church services on Saturday and Sunday. 

community & Care

Since its completion in 2018,  Joynton Avenue Creative Centre has become a hub for community activities and events in the Zetland. The nearby Banga Community Shed is a workshop where people can learn how to repair electronic items.  Green Square Growers looks after the community gardens in Tote Park and Joynton Park. A number of residents’ action groups meet regularly to discuss various issues about the neighbourhood.